It happened with Simbu for the first time.. Nayanthara Open Talk..!

Bharatiyar used to say that Kerala woman is beautiful in his songs. Actress Nayanthara, who was introduced to the Tamil film world from Kerala, has today attained the status of a lady superstar.

Nayanthara, who has tens of thousands of fans, has shown some charm in films in the beginning, but after growing up as a leading actress, she is choosing to act in storylines that give importance to women.

Actress Nayanthara..

He has acted with many leading actors like Rajini, Vijay, Ajith till he became famous in the Tamil film world. Also his first film in Tamil was the movie Aiya with Supreme Star Sarathkumar.

He was the first actor to act in the film Simbu when he entered the Tamil cinema. Nayanthara was supposed to play the role played by Gopika in the Simbu-starrer Tank Jaya directed by V Jet Durai.

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However, as Nayanthara did not act properly in the audition of this film, the director sent her out saying that the acting is not set for you all.

After that, Nayanthara got an opportunity to act in Sarathkumar’s Aiya.

After this, Nayanthara, who has acted in many films and has occupied a special place for herself on the screens, is also crawling as a great entrepreneur.

This is what happened with Simbu first..

Nayanthara has openly stated that this is the first thing that happened with Simbu.

Although the recent release of Nayanthara’s movie Annapoorani did not give enough success, the fans are waiting for her to give a hit movie soon.

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Apart from Tamil films, Nayanthara who is currently paying more attention to Bollywood films has signed a contract to act in some films in Tamil and is giving full attention to those films.

Nayanthara Open Talk..

In this case, all the fans have been sharing with their friends the fact that the chance to act in Simbu had slipped away before acting in the film Aiya and turned this matter into a topic of conversation.

At one time, the fans who had imagined what it would be like if Nayanthara acted in this film instead of Gopika are saying that they should appreciate the self-confidence of Nayan who has become one of the leading actresses today even though she didn’t get an opportunity in the film.

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Also, the fans who have no faith are not disheartened by seeing Nayan’s development and even if they fail first in their life, they are saying that if they think about the way to win next and put in the hard work, they can definitely achieve the goal of success.

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