Camera under the chest.. Showed at a low angle.. Sanam Shetty who disturbs the sleep of the youth..!

Sanam Shetty is one of the popular actresses who came to Tamil cinema from Telugu. It was Sanam Shetty’s desire to somehow gain acceptance in cinema right after finishing college.

But he got a job in the Indian Express company immediately. After that, she kept trying to become a heroine. In this situation, Sanam Shetty got an opportunity to act as the heroine in the 2012 Tamil film Ambuli.

When the movie Ambuli was released in Tamil, it was a sci-fi movie that was released to great acclaim. There was a lot of talk about the story of this movie, so there was a lot of anticipation for the movie.

Opportunity in Tamil:

So this movie was a good opening for him. After that, he got an opportunity in Malayalam as well, but he has acted in more films in Tamil.

Later, his Tamil films like Thottal Vidadu and Vilasam were not very successful. When it comes to story selection, Sanam Shetty’s films have always been flops.

Sanam Shetty 1 1

Due to this reason Sanam Shetty is still not a well-known heroine in Tamil cinema despite acting in more than 20 films. In 2015, he got a chance in many movies.

Low reception:



He continued to act in both Tamil and Telugu languages. Until now, opportunities in cinema have been coming to him. But their numbers are dwindling.

Until 2016, Sanam Shetty was doing between four and seven films a year, but since then she has been doing only one film a year. In 2020, the movie Walter, in which he acted, got some response.

Sanam Shetty continues to act in the cinema. In order to keep herself popular among the people, Sanam Shetty often publishes attractive photos. And these are trending on social media.

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