What saved BJP’s honor was just six lakh votes..? What do you say.. This is Nesam

What saved BJPs honor was just six lakh votes WhatChennai: After winning the parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be sworn in on behalf of the BJP alliance this evening. In this context, if the BJP alliance fails to secure just 6 lakh votes, the BJP alliance will lose miserably in 30 constituencies and now all scenarios will be upside down. Here’s how it works.

The BJP-led NDA alliance won 293 seats in the recent parliamentary elections. However, the BJP stood alone and won just 240 seats, falling short of a majority (272). Due to this, BJP has to form the government at the mercy of Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu.

It is said that the reason for this pathetic situation is that the people have abandoned the party in the northern states including Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, which are considered to be the iron fortress of the BJP. In this case, it has been revealed that only 6 lakh votes have raised the BJP to this situation.

In other words, in almost 30 constituencies this time, BJP has won by a very small margin. Do you know how much the low vote margin is? BJP has won by a margin of just 1000-2000 votes. BJP has won 8 constituencies including 3 including Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh by a margin of less than 10 thousand votes. BJP won these constituencies in the last 2019 election by a margin of 3 lakh votes.

BJP candidates have won Farrukhabad by a margin of 2,678 votes and Pangasin by a margin of 3,150 votes. BJP has won the Kanker constituency in Chhattisgarh by a margin of 1,884 votes. Worse than this, the BJP candidate won in Rajasthan’s Jaipur constituency by a margin of just 1,615 votes.

Similarly, in 8 constituencies in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Assam and West Bengal, the BJP has won by a margin of 10,000 to 25,000 votes. Also, in 14 constituencies in states including UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat, Haryana, BJP candidates have won by a margin of 25,000 to 40,000 votes.

Thus BJP has won in 30 constituencies by a hair margin. It was only 6,30,187 votes that helped the BJP to win in these constituencies by a hair margin. Probably, BJP would have lost 30 constituencies if it had lost in these constituencies. In that case, BJP would have won only 210 constituencies.

According to this, the BJP coalition won only 262 seats and would not be able to form the government. At the same time, these constituencies would have come under the hands of the All India Alliance, increasing it to 262 seats. If that had happened, India would have easily formed a coalition government by talking to other parties. Today the scenario is reversed.

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