in Yali. Graduates with a university degree

Today (09) the unemployed graduates of the University degree have led a vigilance protest in Jaffna.

Organized by Northern Province Unemployed Graduates Association, Jaffna. The vigil was held in front of the District Secretariat.

Graduates in the middle of the road in the house of the degree, the degree obtained after writing many exams flew away in just one exam, we want justice, when will we live our life, struggle for study and struggle for work, we should give jobs to everyone without discrimination, wage labor for education and till the end, educated people are the curse of this country? Will the dream of many years become just a dream? To study and become a foreigner? Slogans were raised and the protest was carried out insisting that all graduates should be given job opportunities without discrimination.

They also said that the government should fulfill their demands as soon as possible or else they will continue to stage massive protests.

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