Chitterumbu actress who adjusted to Kandavan and refused to adjust with her husband..!

Many people remember this actress when they say Chitterumbu actress in cinema. That actress is crawling with this name in the cinema. He used to get opportunities with leading actors in a row.

In this situation, the important point is that someone’s attention has flowed on her, and this actress is currently in a relationship with him. He likes the actress and pours money on her like water.

So the actress is also doing charity for him. But as the days go by, that main point has started to leave the actress. The actress who did not know what to do after sprinkling water all over this great point is married to a businessman.

Settle with husband:

After marriage, she went abroad with her husband and settled down. The life of the head of the family was not so easy for the Chitderumbu actress, who had fun as an actress for so long. Being an actress does not require any work.

From tying shoes to doing makeup, there are people for everything. Now this celebrity is worried that he has to look after all the family work. After this, the actress, who somehow managed to move her life for six months, did not like that life after that.

In this situation, this actress has made a plan to cheat the businessman who was married. After this, she told her husband that she had already received an advance for acting in a serial and was about to complete it.

Plan for Divorce:

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The innocent husband believed it and sent the actress back to Chennai. As soon as she arrived in Chennai, the heroine sent a divers notice to her husband, and in a way, this Chitterumbu actress got a divorce while she was in Chennai.

The actress is still living a luxurious life with the money she got when she was previously associated with that important point. He only has lakhs of monthly interest in the bank.

Those who hear the news are shocked that the heroine, who used to serve the important point like this, is unable to serve only her husband.

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