Can breast milk be sold in stores? What are the disadvantages? Explaining nutritionist

After receiving information that breast milk was being sold in a shop selling protein supplements in Chennai, officials of the Food Safety Department conducted a raid. In this test, 50 ml of breast milk costs Rs. 500 and seized 50 bottles filled with breast milk, officials sealed the shop.

Usually, breast milk is available from banks set up in government maternity hospitals and child welfare hospitals, and is now sold at some street corner shop. The Food Safety and Quality Control Commission of India has ordered that breast milk should not be sold commercially in stores or online.

Can breast milk be sold in stores What are the

“According to the Food Safety Act 2006, the processing and sale of breast milk is prohibited. Therefore, those doing these activities commercially should stop immediately. Central and state governments should ensure this,” the Food Safety and Standards Commission of India said in its order.

But it has now come to light that breast milk is being sold commercially in shops and online in defiance of these orders. This has caused a lot of shock among nursing mothers. In this case, breast milk should not be processed and sold commercially, says Dr. Preethi Raj, a nutritionist from Chennai.

We contacted him to ask about the sale of breast milk in shops and the harm caused by it. Speaking about this, nutritionist Dr. Preeti Raj said, “Breast milk is the main food needed by a new born baby. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has banned its commercial sale in shops.

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Many government hospitals and many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) receive donated breast milk. Mothers who want to give their baby’s remaining milk for the life of other children can donate here. Only mothers can do this after 6 months of giving birth. Mothers who are past 6 months should not donate their breast milk.

Because, after 6 months of giving birth, the mother’s milk does not contain the necessary nutrients for the baby. Even mothers with children over one year of age should not donate their breast milk. Due to this, the health of those mothers will be affected. Babies who consume their breast milk are deprived of essential nutrients.

Breast milk banks are the best. When it comes to pour milk or breast milk, breast milk is best. Breast milk contains all the nutrients needed for the baby’s brain development. Only breast milk can save a life. Therefore, commercially sold breast milk should not be given to the baby.

In breastmilk banks, milk should be thoroughly pasteurized (food preservation process). Also, it should be processed properly. It should be noted that if they do not do this properly, the breast milk can become poisonous to the babies.

Improperly pasteurized breast milk increases the risk of foodborne illness such as salmonellosis, E-coli, listeria, campylobacter and food poisoning. Therefore, breast milk should be properly pasteurized,” he said.

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Dr. Preethi Raj He is a nutritionist from Chennai. Notably, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wootu Nutrition Pvt.

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