Does architecture play an important role beyond construction work? Expert opinion

Architecture goes beyond buildings in the field of construction Does it play an important role? that, Architecture experts gave their views to the students.

The architecture exhibition, where students and teachers from more than a hundred schools and colleges will participate, will be held to learn and benefit from the technical intricacies of architecture and various creative fields under one roof. Architecture goes beyond buildings in the field of construction plays an important role.

In this case, an architectural exhibition called “Avani Reach 24” is going to be held at Citra Arena, Avinasi Road, Coimbatore, so that all the information related to the field of architecture, such as modern technology, job opportunities, and related courses, will be available at one place.


Sam Charles Devanand, Architects and Heads of Departments on this exhibition to be held on behalf of Avani College of Design, Kozhikode,Godwin Emmanuel,Ophelia Vinodini and Ansu George spoke to the media when they said,

The exhibition is held as an awareness program for design enthusiasts Art,He also said that one can get to know the intricacies of architecture and many other creative fields under one roof. And Avani Reach24 as major parts, Expert talks, Question-and-answer sessions and workshops are also featured.

The purpose of this program is to students of art,Also learning about architecture and other creative fields It is to create an educational interest among them. All design enthusiasts including students, teachers and parents are requested to participate and benefit from this event There is no registration fee to participate in this event.

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