Can ‘Mediterranean Diet’ Help Women Live Longer? Here’s what the experts say

Good health, If there is a diet that promises long life and possible weight loss, Why not learn more about it?

The Mediterranean Diet ((Mediterranean diet) And many more to you is reassuring. But before that Discover its benefits.

Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains, Nuts and to eat more plant foods like legumes Mediterranean Diet is important, They are less processed, Seasonal, New and internalProduced locally.

Olive oil is a major source of fat, Also moderate amounts of dairy products such as cheese and yogurt In this Consumed daily, Nutritionist Veena V shared. (Dietician, Aster Women and Children Hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore)

In eating food The Mediterranean Diet Adherence to breast cancer, Dementia, Depression, Diabetics, Veena noted that it can reduce the risk of obesity and memory loss.

It ensures strong bones and helps in weight loss.

According to new research, Plant based Mediterranean Women who consume the diet are at risk of premature death 23 The percentage is found to be low. 25,000 American girlNumber 25 up to years Conducted In the studydiet Cholesterol to adhere to, Reduces obesity and insulin resistance, Soumita Biswas said. (Chief Clinical Nutritionist at Aster RV Hospital)

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean What does the meal include??

Olive oil is the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet, These include primarily plants (Nuts, seeds, Fruits, include vegetables) and pulses.

Red meat is used sparingly,. Egg, Omega instead of dairy or chicken3 The diet recommends consuming oily fish rich in fatty acids, They are Moderately should be, Veena said.

Wine is generally consumed in moderation, And the food is mostly olive oil, Made with garlic and occasionally tomato as a base.

How Indians do this How to incorporate diet?

Whole grains, Indian cuisine can be adapted to include the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on vegetables and legumes.

For refined grains instead of Brown Rice, Choose whole wheat breads and millets. Pulses for plant-based protein, Chickpeas and Kidney Include beans in your diet.

Opt for heart-healthy olive oil instead of heavy oils like mustard or peanut, Veena said.

Limit red meat, Fish, Lean protein, Low-fat yogurt and paneer in moderation Consume.

Indians Oats or Besan Silla, Chickpea Chad, Grilled Or Roasted Chicken, A mixture of brown or red rice and nuts can also be prepared, Biswas said.

Who should avoid this food??

Nuts Or people with severe allergies to certain seafood may need to tailor meals to avoid these triggers. In addition, People with chronic kidney disease should reduce their intake of fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium.

He also noted that the high calorie content of olive oil and nuts can contribute to weight gain if not accounted for in your daily caloric intake.

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