Cauvery river gate maintenance work in Trichy is intense!

Cauvery river gate maintenance work in Trichy is intenseThe gates are located across the river Cauvery in Mukkombu area between Elamanur and Vathalai villages in Trichy district.

Repair work
Among them is the gate which was completed in 1977 with 41 sluices across the river Cauvery. In this case, after 47 years, the water resources department is engaged in the work of completely repairing and repairing all its shutters at an estimated cost of 17 crore rupees.

The river Cauvery reaches the Three-horned plateau, where it splits into two rivers, Cauvery-Kolidam. He completed the construction of a gate with 45 sluices on behalf of an engineer named Arthur Cotton in 1836 during the British rule across Kollidam river in Mukkombu area. Near it, in the year 1977, a gate with 41 sluices was completed across the Cauvery River on behalf of the late Karunanidhi, who was the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Swamps washed away by floods
There, the gate built by Arthur Cotton across Kollidam river, after 182 years, was broken and badly damaged in the river flood on Wednesday night in the month of August 2018. In this case, after 7 sluices were swept away by floods, a new gate was constructed near it during the last AIADMK regime and was recently opened for public use by the present Chief Minister M.K.Stal.

Repairs are necessary
The Cauvery water coming to Mettur Dam will be opened in June and if water comes to Mukkombu Mell Dam, it should be kept open for cultivation irrigation. For that, it is very necessary to repair the dams across the Kollid and Cauvery rivers and the gates in them during the summer season itself when there is no water and ensure the structure of the dam.

1 lakh 80 thousand cubic feet
All the gates of Cauvery river are designed to discharge a maximum of 1 lakh 80 thousand cubic feet of water per second. Through this, 12 lakh acres in the delta region are getting irrigation facility. All the maintenance works are currently being carried out at Mukkombu Dam so that there is no hindrance to it.

The 41 setters of the Kathavani across the Cauvery river have been 12 meters wide. The iron doors in it were frequently damaged as a result of continuous operation for the last 46 years.

Stuck shutters
And since the roller wheels in the shutters break down from time to time, it is common practice to stop the shutters when they are raised or lowered. It becomes very difficult to operate them during periods of high water flow. The counter-forced concrete boxes of those shutters are damaged and stuck transversely.

Trouble opening
The work of repairing the water-blocking doors, the counter-forced concrete boxes used to lift and unload them, the iron chains connecting them and their rubber joints is being actively carried out. As a result of their damage, attempts to open the gates in the past have resulted in various obstacles. All these maintenance works are now being carried out completely with the aim of correcting such problems.

Ends in June
Also, it is said that the water resources department is planning to carry out works to repair the damaged areas due to landslides in the lower part of the barrage. Water Resources Department has submitted a proposal to the Government of Tamil Nadu at an estimated cost of Rs 63 crore to carry out the project. It is expected that those works will be started soon after the removal of the rules of conduct of elections. All the works will be completed by June 12, according to the officials of the Water Resources Department.

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