Suchitra’s allegation of Bhakeer.. See actress Trisha’s response..!

In the year 2016, singer Suchitra’s Twitter account became a huge talking point when intimate videos and photos of famous actors and actresses including videos of inappropriate relationships were released.

Especially actor Dhanush, actor Rana, Trisha, Anuya, Nikki Kalrani, Anirudh, Andrea and many celebrities like private leelas were released and shocked everyone.

Celebrities’ Private Lilis:

After this monstrous matter shook the Kollywood cinema, the entire South Indian cinema started watching Suchitra’s Twitter account.

Because of this many actors and actresses will get their name hit? Will our videos be published? It can be said that they were trembling in fear and dread.

Since then, Suchitra’s case has been dormant for a few years, but now, as if to kick the dust again, Suchitra has been participating in recent interviews and breaking secrets.

Suchitra stirs controversy again:

In particular, he is openly breaking many secrets that no one knows so far.

Speaking in a recent interview, Suchitra has once again stirred Bhuthakaram.

The actor has dusted off Dhanush and Aishwarya’s affair and Trisha’s divorce.

Suchitra says that her husband cheated on her. He also said that he preyed on his friends and left saying that I have gone mad.

Sushita, who fell in love with and married actor Karthik Kumar when she was RJ, lived with him for only a few years.

After that, Suchitra has said that Karthik Kumar Dhanush and Trisha’s circle of friends have been marking Suchitra and ruining her life.

He is saying that they have made a lot of lies about me and have emptied my life.

Suchitra said about actress Trisha. Actress Trisha volunteered her private photos in this Suchi Leaks issue.

After that, after Trisha’s affair broke out, he got out of this trouble and became SKSKK with just one tweet.

Trisha retorts to Suchitra:

Even if he escapes, he is up to no good. Suchitra is talking about Trisha that there is no logic.

trisha 9

Actress Trisha has responded to Suchitra’s speech after the issue went viral on social media.

Due to this, this issue is starting to heat up. There is a fear again in Kollywood as to which other celebrities will get involved in Suchitra’s interview.

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