Continuing mysteries.. Three kilos of human flesh in the house septic tank.. Terrifying things in the murder of Bangladeshi MP!

Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League MP Anwarul Azim Anwar had come to Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal state, for his medical treatment. Stayed at his Indian friend’s house living in America. The day after he arrived in India for treatment, he went missing, causing a shock.

His acquaintances in India and his family in Bangladesh had given a report in this regard. After that, the police investigated that he might have been murdered.

In that way, it was revealed that his Indian friend living in America and the murdered Bangladeshi MP brought contraband to India and made a business out of it. In this, it is said that he and an American friend had an argument over the problem of buying kudukkull.

Accordingly, the friend has asked the mercenaries to kill AV Anwarul Aseem. Accordingly, the killing is going on. It was also revealed that his body was cut into various pieces and thrown here and there. It is noteworthy that this was said by Ziqat Havlatar (24), who was arrested in connection with this murder.

Recently, Bengal CID officials raided the septic tank of the apartment building in Newtown area where he was suspected to have been murdered and found butchered human flesh. Officials said the septic tank contained around three and a half kilos of meat lumps and hair.

The police are investigating whether the body parts found belong to the Bangladeshi MP or whether another murder has taken place in the area. The authorities have sent the body parts to the forensic laboratory for DNA testing.

Also, the police official said that Bangladeshi MP Anwarul’s blood may have been dissolved in the bathroom of the apartment where he was killed and sent through the sewage pipes. In that regard, he explained that in cooperation with the housing authorities, pipes and septic tanks were inspected and meat lumps were found.


Also, the Kolkata Police’s Disaster Management Team on Tuesday resumed searches using drones in the Baghjola canal adjacent to the amusement park near Rajarhat, another official said.

Kolkata Police officials had said that it was difficult to find the MP’s body parts due to the heavy rains caused by Cyclone Remal. “It has been 15 days since the crime took place. It is also said that the animals in the water may have eaten them as they killed and cut the bodies into small pieces and threw them in the canal.

The entire canal of that particular area is polluted. Due to its flow, the body parts may have gone to the pond,” officials said. It is said that divers have also been hired to recover the weapons and body parts used in the murder.

The accused, a butcher, killed the MP and cut the body into 80 pieces, smeared it with turmeric and dumped it at different places, police said. The murder of the Bangladeshi MP, which is receiving new information, has caused a serious uproar between the two countries.

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