I told you that you too want to have a baby.. You are happy.. VJ Mahalakshmi Open Talk..!

You know very well about VJ Mahalakshmi, who anchors the shows beautifully with her natural commentary on the small screen.

She divorced her first husband and married famous producer Ravindra.

Her marriage was put to an end after reports surfaced that she was secretly in love with serial actor Ishwar before marrying Ravindra.

VJ Mahalakshmi..

Actress Mahalakshmi, who has acted in small screen serials, initially made her debut as an anchor. After this, he is currently acting as Willy in the serial Anbe Vaa which is being aired on Sun TV.

The reason why many people are cursing him in various ways, who has found a place in the hearts of the housewives, is Willy, who has played the role of Baka who can take revenge on his younger brother’s family.

In this case, after Mahalakshmi got married to famous producer Ravindranal, there were various criticisms.

It was said that the reason for this was that she married Rabindra for money.

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However, in order to respond to the criticism of others, these couples have been living together till now and you may remember that producer Ravinder patiently responded to people who ridiculed their image.

I want you too..

After this, in an interview given by VJ Mahalakshmi, many people mentioned our physical beauty and facial beauty and talked about it in various ways.

But when I thought of getting married, the first thing I said to him was to ask you to agree to have a child for you.

Hearing this, not only him but also his family welcomed it with great joy. I also wanted to give birth to a small child.

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I told you to have a baby first because he shouldn’t object to that.

Happy man..

Hearing this, he became happy. What VJ Mahalakshmi openly shared is now becoming viral on the internet.

When he was asked if he would accept the child when he was already having a boy, he said that he wants a younger sister or brother.

VJ Mahalakshmi 2 1

So after saying that surely there will be a baby again in our house, everyone is not only congratulating him but also happy to hear that he spoke openly.

Not only this, this topic is currently the talk of the Internet and has emerged as a new hot topic among fans.

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