Democratic Party candidate, Virutunagar vote count error… Election Commission to take action, Democratic Party lawyer complains!

Democratic Party candidate Virutunagar vote count error Election Commission to

2024 parliamentary elections

While the 2024 parliamentary elections were held on April 19, the counting of votes was held on June 4, in this case Captain Vijayakanth’s son Vijay Prabhakar contested as the DMDK candidate in the AIADMK alliance in Virudhunagar constituency. In this, the Congress candidate Manikam Tagore, who contested in the DMK alliance, won by a narrow margin over the DMK candidate Vijay Prabhakaran.

The counting of votes was held in the presence of Electoral Officer and District Collector Jayaseelan and all party agents at Villidchami Nadar Polytechnic College, Virudhunagar. In Virudhunagar, there were 27 rounds of counting of votes, in the first eight rounds, DMD candidate Vijaya Prabhakaran was leading and after the 11th round, Congress candidate Manikam Tagore started leading.

led the way Manikam Tagore

The margin of votes between the two was so narrow that the vote tally was a toss-up. Manickam Tagore was leading by a margin of 4633 votes in the 24th final round when the votes were fully counted at 8 pm.

Election results

While Vijaya Prabhakaran was standing in the counting center with confused eyes, AIADMK former minister and district secretary KT Rajendra Balaji left there, postal votes were counted and the election results were announced at around one o’clock in the morning on the 5th, announcing that Manickam Tagore had won. He was also awarded a certificate of achievement.

Election Commission

The lawyer of the Democratic Party met the Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu and complained that there was an irregularity in the counting of votes in Virudhunagar constituency, and he said that if the Election Commission does not take immediate action in this regard, he will approach the court. The Commission is considering this petition.

The Election Commission asked for support

Election Commission has asked detailed information and video evidence from Virudhunagar District Election Officer and District Collector Jayaseelan and General Election Observer and all necessary evidence is being sent to Election Commission. It is noteworthy that the Election Commission will announce its decision on this complaint soon.

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