NEET Result Controversy; The coach informed that he is going to approach the Supreme Court

Alaq Pandey, CEO of education platform Physics Wallah, has announced that he will approach the Supreme Court over the NEET UG 2024 result dispute.

In this regard, in a video posted on his X page, Alak Pandey expressed his deep concern over the irregularities reported in the NEET results, which has caused anxiety among lakhs of students.

Highlighting the confusion and distress among NEET aspirants, Alak Pandey questioned the discrepancies in NEET results.

After the result of NEET exam, the candidates are worried that why are these strange things happening in the result this time. Alak Pandey said that we asked the National Selection Agency for a lot of answers, but we did not get a lot of answers.

Following this, Alak Pandey has sought legal help, stressing the need for transparency. He plans to send a legal notice to the National Examinations Agency (NTA).

Alak Pandey assured that the concerns of the students will not be ignored and will take necessary legal steps to ensure justice.
“We want to send a legal notice to the central government while giving a chance for natural justice. If those questions are not answered, the matter will be taken to the Supreme Court if necessary,” said Alak Pandey.

“Don’t worry now, we will definitely bring the truth forward and we will stand here till the truth is found out,” said Alak Pandey who promised to stand with the students till the truth comes out.

There is a growing demand from activists, academics and politicians for a thorough inquiry into the NEET results.

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