DMK in Theni Candidate Thanga Tamilchelvan is a huge success

Honey, of Tamil Nadu 39 Within the Lok Sabha constituencies 33is the th volume.

It was Periyakulam Lok Sabha constituency before reorganization. Now Theni is a Lok Sabha constituency.

Theni in the erstwhile Periyakulam Lok Sabha constituency, Periyakulam, antibar, Pole , The assembly constituencies were Bodhinayakanur and Sedapatti.

Usilampatti in the existing Theni Lok Sabha constituency, Periyakulam, Pole, Bodhinayakanur constituencies are also Cholavandan of Madurai district, Usilampatti blocks are also there.

Election history

This is the seat won by the Congress in the initial period. Then AIADMK, The competition here is between DMK. 1952 Shaktivadivel Counter, who belonged to the Congress party in the election, was the first MP of this constituency.

Mohammed Sharif, STK Zakhaiyan, Former Speaker Sedapatti Muthiah, This is the constituency where DTV Dhinakaran was MP.

MGR, Jayalalithaa, OPS 3 A unique feature of this constituency is that Chief Ministers have been elected from the assembly constituencies under Theni parliamentary constituency so far. Hence, AIADMK has been a constituency with a strong vote bank.

Besides this, Kampham on behalf of DMK in Theni constituency Natarajan 1980, Gnanagurusamy 1996, Arun from the Congress party on behalf of the DMK alliance 2004, 2009 They have won the elections.

Periyakulam Lok Sabha Constituency 2009 Winners up to (Credit: Wikipedia)

Theni Lok Sabha Result

Vol For restoration After, 2009-Haroon of the Congress party2014-AIADMK’s R. Parthiban2019-AIADMK’s O.P. Ravindranath, son of former Chief Minister O. Panneer Selvath, wonNar.

2019 Lok Sabha election

Past 2019 AIADMK in Theni constituency in Lok Sabha elections, Congress, Ama Mukha, We are a Tamil party, Total including People’s Justice Center candidates 33 People competed.

In this, AIADMK’s Rabindranath 4,99,354 Got votes. Youngster of Congress 4,23,035 Got votes. from this 76,319 Rabindranath Kumar won by a margin of votes.

AIADMK in this election, Rabindranath was the only successful candidate in the BJP alliance.

Voter Profile (2024)

Male – 7,92,195

girl – 8,20,091

Third gender – 217

total voters – 16,12,503

Who owns the legislative constituencies??

Antipatti – Maharajan (DMK)

Periyakulam (Individual) – Saravana Kumar (DMK)

Bodhinayakanur – O. Panneer Selvam (ADMK)

Kampham – Ramakrishnan (DMK)

Cholavanthan (Individual) – Venkatesan (DMK)

Usilampatti – Ayyappan (AIADMK)

Honey Candidates of major parties contested in the constituency

The.M.Ka.- Thanga Tamilchelvan

A.The.M.Ka.- Narayanasamy

Pa.J.Ka.- DTV Dhinakaran (Ama Mukha)

Na.Th.Ka.- Madan Jayapal

With these people including independents 25 People competed.

Election results 2024

Thanga Tamilchelvan- 571493

DTV Dinakaran-285942

Narayanasamy- 152375

Madan Jayapal- 74050

DMK candidate Thanga Tamilchelvan won the Theni Lok Sabha constituency by a margin of 285551 votes.

It was expected that Dhinakaran would give tough competition in Theni. His wife also attracted attention by showing seriousness in the campaign field. However, Dhinakaran has been defeated by a huge margin.

Theni contested Lok Sabha seat 25 Among the candidates is DMK, Except Amamukha 18 including independents 23 Candidates lost their deposit.

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