Electricity Board Reorganization Bill passed by 44 plus votes

The Electricity Board Reorganization Bill was passed by 44 additional votes in the House yesterday despite strong opposition from the opposition parties.

103 votes were cast in favor of the bill and 59 against. In this case, the bill was passed in the House with 44 additional votes. Accordingly, 62 MPs from the ruling and opposition parties did not participate in yesterday’s poll.

There are 54 provisions in the Electricity Board Reorganization Bill. In this case, the High Court has mentioned that most of the clauses are unconstitutional. The court has also mentioned that there are some provisions that violate the provisions of Article 12(1) of the Constitution.

In that way, the opposition parties said that the bill should be thoroughly examined and proper changes should be made. Controversies arose in this regard in the House yesterday morning too. However, the said legislation was taken up for discussion in the House yesterday.

At the end of the debate, Leader of the Opposition Laxman Kriella MP. He demanded a vote in the House.

In the subsequent electronic voting, 103 votes were cast in favor of the bill and 59 votes against.

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