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Neat selection Question paper As published will come In charges The National Examination Agency has explained that it is not true.

Neat selection (NEET UG 2024) Results Released In position, selection Results Regarding Social in the media Controversy is up. First score (720 marks) 67 Students having received And selection in the centers as happened will be said Irregularities Regarding Parents too Students too concern have reported.

Specifically, All over Indian Rank 1 Score Among the recipients Six Name In Haryana in The only one selection Center belong to and that, their sequence numbers The only one model Being has been detected.After this The only one In the center from 720to 720 marks to receive Neat Exam sheet Leaked shows that say Activists, Counselling will begin Before, Contradictions Regarding National selection agency Comprehensive Study conduct want that are demanding.

In this case, the National Examination Agency has given an explanation in this regard. There is no truth in the allegations that the NEET question paper was published and some students took the exam from the same exam centre It is also said that the allegation that there is a possibility of malpractice has arisen. It has also been explained that the NEET entrance exam has been conducted and completed in a fair manner.

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