Ennadi Orasudhu.. Keerthy Suresh Malavika stuck like a red banana in the night party..!

Actress Keerthy Suresh made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema through the movie Ehtu Enna Mayam. As far as Keerthy Suresh is concerned, it must be said that when he came to Tamil cinema, he had an enthusiastic reception.

But his first film, Ittu Enna Mayam, did not get him much reception. After that, Rajini Murugan’s film became an important film for him.

Many fans who saw her for the first time in Rajini Murugan movie were wondering who this girl is so new. After that, Keerthy Suresh started getting opportunities in Tamil cinema.

Opportunity that followed:

Keerthy Suresh then acted in Bhairava. But Keerthy Suresh faced more criticism while acting in Bhairava. His performance in the film was critically acclaimed.

keerthysuresh malavika 1

After that, movies like Thana Pretha Kootam, Anthakayar Thilakam in which he acted were well received. Keerthy Suresh is constantly getting opportunities in Tamil cinema.

In the midst of this, he has started acting in Telugu movies as well. Keerthy Suresh, who did not show much charm in Tamil cinema, is now showing a little more charm after moving to Telugu cinema.

Malavika Mohanan Entry:

Similarly, actress Malavika Mohanan, who debuted in Tamil cinema through Vijay’s film Master, has a similarity between Keerthy Suresh and actress Malavika Mohanan.

keerthysuresh malavika 3

Both of them came under more criticism when they acted in Vijay’s movie. Keerthy Suresh’s performance in Bhairava and Malavika Mohan’s performance in Sari Master were accused by fans.

In this situation, the photos published by both of them together are going viral recently. Malavika Mohanan is getting opportunities in Malayalam even though she did not get opportunities in Tamil cinema after that.

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