In 2026, the power of government is in our hands.. Don’t look at the percentage of votes. Seaman in excitement

In 2026 the power of government is in our hands

Chennai: The chief coordinator of the party, Seeman, has said that Naam Tamilar Party has secured state status by getting 8.2 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, and is determined to capture the power in Tamil Nadu in the upcoming 2026 assembly elections.

The BJP alliance will form the government with majority strength in the recent parliamentary elections. But, as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the BJP alliance did not win even a single seat. In Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, DMK has won 40-40 constituencies, shaking other parties. The main opposition AIADMK not only did not win a single seat but also lost deposits in many places.

In this context, Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Party has not won any constituency, but its vote percentage has increased significantly. With 8 percent vote share, Nam Tamilar Party has got the state party status. Similarly, Vishika also won two constituencies, and that party also got the status of a state party.

In this case, the chief coordinator of the party, Seeman, has issued a statement with great enthusiasm regarding the Naam Tamilar Party getting state status. In it he said:

Naam Tamilar Party, which contested alone in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry in the recent parliamentary elections, secured 8.2 percent votes. Even though we did not win this election, we are happy that we got a huge vote and got a huge recognition as a state party.

Even though our forefathers and elders raised the lofty philosophical slogan of Tamilthesiyam long ago, the slogan did not take shape among the masses. In order to completely remove that inadequacy and deficiency, the Tamil cause was politicized by the masses and the Naam Tamilar party won the election.

Naam Tamilar Party, which entered electoral politics for the first time in 2016, has become a state party in eight years, which is a resurgent leap in the history of Tamil erosion. The votes that we Tamils ​​have received, despite many oppressions such as symbol theft, abuse of power, political crisis, caste, religion, alcohol and money, is a great democratic renaissance. With the recognition as a state party in this election, we are committed to capture the ruling power in the 2026 assembly elections. Seeman said this.

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