FACT CHECK: Suresh Gobi is happy as Union Minister..Left leader E.P. Jayarajan interview.. What is the truth?

FACT CHECK Suresh Gobi is happy as Union MinisterLeft leader

The ruling Left Democratic Front suffered a major defeat in the elections to all 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala. The coalition won only one seat. At the same time, the Congress won 14 seats. In this case, BJP won the Thrissur Lok Sabha seat, which no one expected, and made a foothold in Kerala for the first time. The reason for this is actor Suresh Gopi, who contested on behalf of the BJP in Thrissur.

Suresh Gopi has got the honor of going to Parliament for the first time from BJP in the political history of Kerala. He also took oath as Union Minister today.

Apart from this, Left Democratic Front (LDF) coordinator E. P. said that Suresh Gopi’s victory made him happy and that he is going to take over as Union minister. A photo is going viral as reported by Asianet media that Jayarajan said.

As this has created a lot of excitement in the political arena of Kerala, we have researched it. In the first phase of the study, it was found that the font used by the Asianet newspaper and the font of a particular message circulating on social media were different. It was revealed that it was fake news. Subsequently, a review of all the news cards published on the Asianet news site on the particular day confirmed that the aforementioned controversial news card was not included.

So he is happy that Suresh Gopi won, EP said. It was revealed that the epidemiology information Jayarajan claimed was fake. Also, speaking in that particular interview, E.P. Jayarajan said that the influence of the state government should not be measured by the Kerala Lok Sabha elections.

(This story was originally fact checked by News Meter and edited by oneindias Tamil, as part of the Shakti Collective)

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