Father’s death.. mother’s dream.. the other side of Vijay Sethupathi that many people don’t know..!

Actor Vijay Sethupathi, who holds the status of a star actor in Tamil cinema, has now occupied the number one position.

Growing up from a family with no film background, he has attained star status today entirely due to his talent.

Vijay Sethupathi:

He first started acting in short films and then wandered around looking for film opportunities and first made his debut as a hero in the 2010 film South West Wind.

After that, he acted in various successful films including Pizza, Naduvula Kata Pakathula, Namim Rowdithan, Sethupathi and became a former star actor.

Vijay Sethupathi has maintained his place as a villain actor beyond being a hero and has shown his talent among the masses.

Acting in the auditorium:

After that Vijay Sethupathi learned the art of acting in Koothupattarai. He became famous for acting in various short films directed by director Karthik Subbaraj.

On this occasion, he recently joined popular anchor Gopi and shared openly about his father and mother family movie.

Vijay Sethupathi spoke very emotionally about his father then, when I was acting in a short film with Karthik Subbaraj, my mother called me at around 12 o’clock and said that my father is unwell.

When I heard that, I was deeply saddened and at that time I beat a packet of thum.

Sudden death of father:

After that, when I went home, my father was completely paralyzed.

Then he died. I could not accept his death. Because when I thought I was useless, it was my father who asked me, “Do you have something?”

Not only that but after I became a huge actor I always feel sad that he is not there.

vijay 1

Mom’s Dream:

When my father was there, the biggest problem between us was the debt load and it was all there. My mother had a dream of owning a house.

We even sold a house we owned due to debt. We are in good shape now.

But my father was not there to see it. My father is very fond of Kamal Haasan and I acted in Vikram along with him.

He would have been very happy if he had seen it coming. Vijay Sethupathi had spoken very emotionally in that interview that he was not even given to see it.

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