Friendship will continue even with GV…’No one is responsible for divorce’ – Chaindavi!

Chennai : Singer Chaindavi has said that there are no external reasons for our divorce.

Music composer GV Prakash and Chaindavi have officially announced on social media that they have discussed and decided to divorce. However, some YouTube channels and some journalists and netizens were criticizing their personal decision. GV Prakash, who published the report, responded to those criticisms.

Following him, singer Chaindavi has also released a record in pain. In the post, Chaindavi said, “We are asking for your support and respect for this decision we have taken for our personal freedom. However, it is heart-wrenching to see that some YouTube channels are still spreading information with wrong content.

Frankly speaking, our divorce was not caused by any external people. To insult someone’s character without any proof is not fair at all. This decision was taken by both of us after discussion for our progress.

GV Prakash and I have been friends since school days for 24 years. That friendship will continue from now on,” said Chaindavi. Also, music composer GV Prakash and singer Sainda fell in love and got married in 2013. A boy was born to them last year 2020. It is also noteworthy that on May 13, both of them announced their divorce.

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