Germany allows women to bathe topless

Women were soon to be allowed to swim topless in public swimming pools following approval by Berlin city officials, international media reported.

A young woman recently took a topless bath in a swimming pool in the German capital, Berlin. After many people complained about the incident, he was removed from the swimming pool.

The permission is said to follow a legal action taken by a woman who was kicked out of a public swimming pool for sunbathing topless.

According to the complaint filed by the woman, women can take a bath without a top like men in the swimming pool. A justice for men is a justice for women? He appealed.

After this, the court that investigated the case said that it was wrong to expel him. After this, the concerned swimming pool has given permission for women to bathe without tops.

It can be found through the international media that many countries are registering their protests regarding this issue.

Moreover, in countries that adhere to cultural values, such things are completely prohibited. Therefore, protests have arisen from among such countries.

According to the local authorities, “A young woman has taken a bath in the swimming pool here without a top. Later he took a “sun bath” in the same swimming pool.

But, he has been expelled from there for this. Therefore, the woman approached the court and the court ordered that there should be no gender discrimination.

So new rules are soon to be issued to make Berlin’s swimming pools gender-free. These are orders from last year,” he said.

The permit is expected to be issued to all swimming pools in Berlin soon.

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