Vijayakanth is the reason for Radhika’s love break..? The producer who broke the secret..!

Actor Vijayakanth, who has earned the status of a captain in the Tamil film world, has lived a life of success that has won the hearts of people with his amazing performances. He has helped people in various ways according to his dialogues in movies.

Vijayakanth, who hails from Madurai, used to serve three meals at his office to all those who were hungry when he came to Chennai and acted in the film industry. Even though the captain is gone, no one can easily forget the work he did.

Actor Vijayakanth..

Vijayakanth, who acted as a leading actor in Tamil screen, has acted in many films with Radhika who has shown her amazing performance in the screen world and has taken a place for herself among the fans.

In the movies where both of them are acting together, their chemistry is working out and every scene can be enjoyed by the fans.

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Channel 7 producer Manikam Narayanan has talked about why Radhika wanted actor Vijayakanth to get married and even though she fought for it till the end, Vijayakanth did not marry Radhika and married Premalatha.

He has produced many films in the film world like Kooli starring Sarathkumar, Thalapathy Vijay’s Honorable Student, Karthi’s Seenu, Kamal Haasan’s Pravdaru Ehdavu, Vadivelu’s Indralokham Na Alagappan, and Mizh Thirumeni’s Mun Diya Parthene.

Vijayakanth is the reason for Radhika’s love breakup..

Recently, he has spoken in many interviews that his production company has lost many crores. In this case, Captain Vijayakanth has promised that he will make a film in his production company, but he has said that he has not acted till the end.

Also, when I met the captain once, I told him to tell me whether the film has been made or not, but don’t let me wander about it.

Vijayakanth told me through Thangaraj that no one spoke to him like this after this.

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It was only after this that I fully understood about Vijayakanth. “It is one of the saddest things for me that he missed the post of CM because of his good spirit,” he said.

The producer who broke the secret..

Apart from that, the captain would have done a lot of good for the people of Tamil Nadu if he had become a SIM of Tamil Nadu at least once. But due to his physical condition he could not get the post.

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In this case, he talked about the reason why Vijayakanth and Radhika did not get married, when Radhika tried in many ways to marry Vijayakanth, Vijayakanth’s friend Rauthar finally did something and married Premalatha.

Is this conclusion correct? Is it wrong? I don’t know, but I have spoken many times about Vijayakanth’s good heart not being able to fall in love with him, and Bagheer’s information that Vijayakanth’s close friend is the reason for not marrying Radhika has caused a shock among the fans.

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