Have you seen actor Murali’s wife? Many people have never seen photos..!

Actor Murali started his acting career in Tamil cinema in the 80s and became a popular star hero in the 90s.

Although he hails from Bengaluru, Karnataka, he is known as a very popular actor among Tamil fans.

Actor Murali:

He was seen as an actor who impressed the hearts of all Tamil cinema fans as he had good dark looks, very good acting, and very simple in appearance.

Actor Murali has starred in more than 65 films so far.

Murali first made his debut as an actor in the movie Poovilangu released in 1984.

The film Pudu Vasantham released in 1990 gave him a huge recognition.

Murali as the winning hero:

His next release in 1991 was a huge hit with the film Duryam and he earned the status of a star actor.

Actor murali 2

In the movie, Murali will be seen in romantic and emotional scenes. Everyone who saw those scenes on the screen was moved to tears.

To that extent, Murali kept everyone engaged in his performance. After that, actor Murali was honored with the Tamil Nadu Government Award for Best Actor for his role in the movie Kadal Pookem.

It is noteworthy that Murali acted in various super hit films such as Pagal Nilavu, Geetanjali, Poove Unakakka, Kaalmellam Kadhal Hajeu, Vetri Khodi Kattu, Anandam, Sundara Travels and many other super hit films.

Murali’s father is Siddharth Kannada. He has also produced many films. It was through that that Murali got the chance to become an actress.

Murali’s Wife:

Actor Murali Shoba passed away in 1987. got married The couple has two sons named Atharva Akash and one daughter named Kavya.

His eldest son, Atharva, is now a leading actor in Tamil cinema.

He has many female fans as he looks very handsome.

murali death

Atharva first made his debut as a hero in the film Baana Khathadi. Murali acted in a special appearance in this film.

It turned out to be Murali’s last film. Murali passed away due to a heart attack on September 8, 2010.

While he was an actor, he was also involved in politics. It is noteworthy that the party toured and campaigned for the election along with the AIADMK.

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