Ishwari’s shock to Bhagya; Will the problem be solved?

Vijay TV’s Bhakyalakshmi serial is getting good response among the fans, In this post we will see what happened in today’s episode of the serial.

At the start of today’s episode, Iswari is nothing big. To say that today we can stay here one day and go home tomorrow, Bagya, Ramamurthy sent both of them home and stayed with Cheliyan in the hospital, Gopi also sends Radhika home and stays in the hospital. Bhagya stays awake all night looking after Ishwari.

Kobe, Bring coffee in the morning and give it to Iswari, Ramamurthy came and saw Iswari, To tell that we can go to our house together, All that is not possible, I will go with my mother. Gopi says that I will take good care of him from now on, to tear, It’s because of you that I got stoked, Ramamurdarthi shouts that Iswari is in the hospital now.

Next Gobi comes in and you have to come with me. I will take good care of you and talk as usual, Ishwari decides to go with Gopi again. After that Bhagya, Ramamurthy Chezhian and others, Call Ishwari, I’m going to Kobe too. He will suffer a lot without me. He will take good care of me from now on. She says that I will eat regularly from now on.

On the other hand, Radhika feels that Gopi scolded her, Kamala saw this, It is good that the mother went to the hospital. They will not send that mother here from Bhagya’s house anymore. The calling bell is ringing to say that you and Maple can be happy from now on. Parthia rang the bell as soon as I told her that it was a good omen and Kamala opened the door, Gopi stands with Ishwari. And that concludes today’s episode.

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