Hey.. Tommy wake up.. What’s hanging.. Yashika Anand bad pose.. Photos going viral..!

As far as the competition for heroines is concerned, it can be said that it is very high in Bollywood cinema as it is the women who are in the modeling industry who are the most likely to step into the cinema.

But as far as Bollywood is concerned, the modeling industry is a big market, so there is a huge queue of women to become film actresses. This is why many North Indian women are looking for opportunities in South India.

It can be said that actress Yashika Anand is a somewhat controversial actress in Tamil cinema who came to South India in search of opportunity and got an opportunity in cinema.

Opportunity in Tamil:

Because most of the time he has been playing controversial characters. Some actresses in Tamil cinema disappear as quickly as they arrived. Yashika Anand has been one of those ranks.

yashika anannd 2

Yashika Anand made her debut in the 2016 film Don’t Worry in a supporting role. After that he got a role in the movie Dhruvangal 16.

He continued to act in supporting roles in a few films. He first got the opportunity to act in the lead role in the movie Murattu Kuthu in the dark room.

Continued Controversy:

He played a controversial character in the first movie itself. And the movie itself was a controversial movie. After that he got opportunities in a few films.

yashika anannd 3

But Yashika Anand didn’t get opportunities to play heroine or main character. Yashika Anand continued to act in different roles in films like Zombie and Besty.

Recently, a movie called Odum Mohama Ghuyam Mohama was released in which he acted. But most of the time the movies released by him are not well received in the cinema.

yashika anannd 2

They are flop movies. That’s why Yashika Anand is not getting any reception. However, Yashika Anand continues to publish photos to attract Tamil fans and some of the photos that she recently published are becoming more viral.

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