I have done this while the husband is sleeping.. Alya Manasa said without shyness..!

Actress Alya Manasa was a model in her early days. After this she is crawling as an actress on small screen. In that way, he got a place in the hearts of the fans by acting in Raja Rani N serial which was aired on a famous private television.

Due to her hard work in this series, she became popular everywhere and fell in love with the main character of this series and got married.

Actress Alya Manasa..

Alia gave birth to a baby girl in 2020 after she got married to Sanjeev who starred in the series Raja Rani. After this, they now have a son.

Alia Manasa, who is one of the top actresses on the small screen, is currently acting in Sun TV’s serial Iniya. The series has retained the top spot in the TRP ratings.

He said that before he started acting on the small screen, he had to face various difficulties and even stopped his college studies halfway and started looking for opportunities in cinema.

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And he has maintained this position by doing various jobs such as working as a gym trainer, teaching children to dance, and performing background dance during the economic crisis.

This was done while the man was sleeping..

In a recent interview, he was asked some questions. Alia Manasa, who answered the question very patiently, answered the question without any surprise after being asked a somewhat unexpected question.

You can imagine what the question was put to him in that way. That question is nothing else. You are asked what you are doing at home when your husband is sleeping.

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He replied and surprised her by telling her that he would kiss the sleeping beauty and move away as he had to go to work shooting in the morning.

Speech without shame..

Not only that, her husband Sanjeev Thalapathy is a Vijay fan so I think of him symbolically as Vijay. So he said that he would give me a kiss in the morning as my compliment.

On hearing this, her husband said with a smile that it was indeed a great gift and he would not forget it so easily, and it became a place in everyone’s mind.

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After this, not only is this thing going viral on the internet, but everyone is looking at Alia Manasa with surprise as she said that she was ashamed to have done this while Sanjeev was sleeping.

It can be said that these people, who can be seen as a star couple, often publish videos and photos and keep the fans on their side, so it can be said that his interesting answer in this interview has attracted the fans.

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