I like him a lot…. Actress Priyanka Mohan Open Talk!

Actress Priyanka Mohan is famous for Telugu movie Gangster. After that, he impressed the fans by acting in Tamil films including Doctor and Don. I like her a lot... Actress Priyanka Mohan Open Talk!After that, he also acted in Suriya’s Eadhirum Vathindavan. He last played the lead role in Captain Miller opposite Dhanush. After that, he will act in a new film with Gavin. Priyanka Mohan, who is a busy actress, has shared about her cinematic experiences in a recent interview. He said, “I am studying engineering. My dream was to go to work after graduation. I didn’t even think about acting in movies. Didn’t even try for it. Now if I had not entered cinema I would have been working in some company.I like her a lot... Actress Priyanka Mohan Open Talk! I have loved Superstar Rajini since childhood. Love his simplicity. I am looking forward to meeting Rajinikanth one day,” he said.

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