I was like this in my married life.. but.. about divorce Samantha..!

Actress Samantha is one of the most famous actresses born in Tamil Nadu and has been popular in Tamil cinema. Hailing from Chennai, Samantha continued to try her hand at Tamil cinema after her college studies.

In 2019, she made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema through the movie Bana Kathadi. In this movie, she was paired with actor Atharva as the protagonist.

Initially Samantha’s films did not get her much response but after that she acted in Naan Ee which got her a big response.

Development in Tamil Cinema:

After that, Samantha acted in Tamil cinema with hit films like Neethane En Ponvasantham. It is normal for actresses to fall in love with actors in film life. Samantha, who was initially in love with actor Siddharth, later broke up with him and married actor Nagachaitanya.

But that marriage also did not go well for him. After a few years of marriage, Samantha got divorced due to problems between the two of them.

Problems in life:

Even after that, opportunities kept coming for him. But next, Samantha suffered from health problems. Due to myositis, he was unable to continue acting in films.

Even so, Samantha recovered from it and acted in the films Sagunthalam Kushi. But Sagunthalam was a big flop for him. It is said that the biggest failure of Samantha’s film career was Sagunthalam.

Disease problem:


Following this, Samantha is completely away from cinema as myositis worsened. There are talks on one side that Samantha, who has been publishing photos in many countries, is going to return to cinema.

In the midst of this, Samantha Pushpa spoke in an interview and I was on the verge of getting a divorce when I got an opportunity to perform in the song U Solriya Mama in the film.

Then my friends and family said that you should not dance to that song when you are about to get a divorce. But despite that I danced in that song and later that song gave me the biggest hit, says Samantha.

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