This actress is not wearing anything below the waist.. Shakeela controversy talk..

Actress Shakeela was once a controversial actress in both Tamil and Malayalam cinema. She made her debut as an actress in Tamil cinema. But after that he got more opportunities in Malayalam.

Shakila, who acted in many controversial films, was seen in a bad light by many people after that. Later in some movies in Tamil cinema, even though he acted in a guest role, he was shown in a wrong perspective.

Overview of Shakeela:

For example you can mention movies like Ajayya Tamil Magan, Siva Manasula Sakthi, Manja Velu. But after participating in some TV shows, the image of Shakila is changing now. Shakeela has changed her image by participating in shows like Cook with Komali.

Now he hosts many YouTube interviews. In one such interview, Shakila had interviewed controversial actress Sri Reddy. Similarly, Shakeela has a habit of interviewing some controversial people in cinema.

Sri Reddy’s Answer:

In that interview, a segment went into what people are searching for most on Google about Sri Reddy. Among them, the X movie about Sri Reddy was the most searched on Google. When Sri Reddy was asked about it, “People are looking for my kind of pictures on the internet.

sri reddy

But they must forgive me. Because I was never given a chance to act in those types of films. I have shared my bed with so many people. But I have not degraded myself to the extent of acting in these types of films,” said Sri Reddy.

Answer given by Shakeela:

This drastic response has caused much controversy. After hearing this answer, actress Shakeela laughed and said that it is true that there is nothing below the waist.

Because in the past actress Shakeela too has been subjected to all these kinds of criticisms and now she has reached such a level that she can understand Sri Reddy’s feelings and this response of Sri Reddy is becoming more viral.

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