The pressure given by the famous actor.. Anjali’s twitter post.. The fans are blowing up..!

Actress Anjali made her debut in Tamil cinema through the Tamil movie Kattatu directed by Ram. After that, the movie Angadi Teru in which he acted was a huge hit.

Anandhi’s role in the Tamil film Kattadu, followed by Angaadi Teru, were important roles for Anjali. Anjali was well-received as they were positioned in such a way that the story of the film would not move without that character.

Tribute to the market:

Anjali continued to grow in Tamil cinema. But after a while his opportunities and reception in Tamil cinema began to decrease. At this point, Anjali started showing some charm.

Anjali started to show some charm in the movies Kalakalapu starring Vimal and Sakalakala Vallavan starring Jayam Ravi. Even so, he did not get regular opportunities in Tamil cinema.

Opportunity in Telugu:

Following this, Anjali went there and danced in an item song, knowing that Kavarchi is more popular in Telugu. Anjali started getting opportunities in Telugu cinema after it got a lot of response.

anjali 3

Recently, when Anjali was attending a film festival, actor Balayya pushed her on the stage and caused a lot of controversy. Following this, many fans expressed their opinions about Balakrishna.

Reply to controversy:

Balakrishna has been a controversial actor in Telugu cinema in general. It is a well-known fact that actress Visitra Balakrishna had already filed a controversial complaint.

Balakrishna and I are very friendly when Anjali says about this issue on her X page. Balayya pushed me as a friend. He said there was nothing controversial about it.

anjali 01

But the fans could not accept the matter so easily. Netizens are criticizing Anjali saying that she has made such a record because of the pressure given by Balakrishna.

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