India – Pakistan ICC prepares clashing New York pitch

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken action to expedite the pitch upgrade at the New York Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

The ICC said the pitches for both the matches at Nassau were substandard. It has agreed and is working hard to fix the pitch for the next matches.

ICC regarding pitches. In a statement, the pitch at Nassau was not as consistent as we had hoped.

After the match between India and Ireland, world-class groundskeepers are working hard to improve the pitches for the next matches.

Sri Lanka scored 77 runs in the first match at Nassau Stadium in New York and India scored 97 runs against Ireland in the second match.

The pitches were very difficult to bat on and could cause injuries to the batsmen. It is noteworthy that the captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma, left the field after being hit by the ball, and the ball hit Rishabh Pant and Andrew Belperney of the Irish team.

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