Bigg Boss season 8.. Kamal Haasan quit..? The new presenter is this actor..?

Bigg Boss is the biggest hit show in the Netherlands and is being aired by Indian televisions.

They are continuously conducting the show in many languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi.

Bigg Boss Show:

The show is hosted by any of the star actors in every language and many contestants become famous.

It was first telecast in Hindi on Colors TV. Earlier this program was aired on Dutch television under the title Big Brother.

This show, which has been on air for 13 years, has become famous all over the world and is now seen as the most popular TV show in India.

Similarly, Bigg Boss in Tamil is hosted by actor Kamal Haasan on Vijay TV.

kamal hassan 2

Kamal Haasan as host:

Kamal Haasan hosted 7 consecutive seasons of Bigg Boss in Tamil. Kamal Haasan continued to host the show even when he was busy with films and politics.

It is noteworthy that he received crores of income as salary for that. In particular, he earns a total of Rs. Even the news that he got 100 crores as a salary was talked about with great excitement.


The show was first launched on Vijay TV in 2017. This show has the largest fan base in Tamil cinema.

The purpose of this program is to make people with different mentalities live in the same house for 100 days without any technical facilities and interact with fellow human beings to reveal their true face.

100 Days Quality Incident:

The contestants staying in this house will prove to the people who they are and their true character. So far 7 seasons have been completed and information about the 8th season is now out.

It means that actor Kamal Haasan is not going to host this 8th season and it is said that he has withdrawn from this contract.

bigg boss kamal

Also, the current information that actor Simbu has been signed as the new host of Bigg Boss Season 8 is being talked about a lot.

Kamal who left… Simbu who is going to do the same:

Earlier there were reports that Simbu will host the show. But Kamal Haasan continued to host.

Simbu is expected to host the show after Kamal Haasan stepped away from it as he is busy with politics.

bigg boss kamal 1

As Simbu hosts the show, fans’ expectations are high. Earlier Bigg Boss 1 contestants were Aarav, Bigg Boss 2 actress Rithvika, Bigg Boss 3 actor Mukhin Rao, Bigg Boss 4 season Aary Arjun, Bigg Boss 5th season Raju Jayamohan, Bigg Boss 6th season Aseem, Bigg Boss 7th season Archana and others.

After this, the 8th season will start soon. The work for this is going on very busy. Also, it is said that people can expect a new promo with Simbu soon.

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