Cyclota event in Maruthamuna with emphasis on physical and mental health

On the occasion of International Cycling Day (June 3), a cycling awareness event organized by Kalmunai Divisional Secretariat in collaboration with Kalmunai South Medical Officer’s Office with the help of Riders Hub Cycling Association was held in Marudamunai recently.

Under the leadership of Riders Association President Khalil Kapur, this awareness cycle started from Maruthamuna main road, reached Kalmunai town and then reached Pandirupu, Maruthamuna through Kalmunai beach school through the main loop. After that, an awareness event was held in the Maruthamuna beach open air.

During this, the senior officials who have been using bicycles for transportation since the early days in the area were garlanded and honored.

Kalmunai Divisional Secretary J. Liaqat Ali, Kalmunai South Health Medical Officer Dr. A.R. M. Azmi, Dr. Belsad and many retired officials, representatives of civil society organizations, members of sports clubs, members of Riders Cycling Team and many others participated in this cycling event. Many people from distant places outside the Maruthamuna area also visited and participated in this. At the end of the event everyone was given a leaf kanji to emphasize the importance of healthy living.

This cycling event was organized with the themes of celebrating cycling, creating a healthy society by encouraging the use of bicycles and being pioneers in leaving a pristine environment for the future generations and partners in creating a healthy clean green planet.

World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 03 June every year. This day is very important as there are many health benefits of cycling

Recognizing the uniqueness, strength, durability and versatility of the bicycle, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 03 as World Bicycle Day in 2018. The day was founded by Polish professor Leszek Sibylski, a social scientist working at the United Nations.

The day is also observed to promote the use of bicycles and create awareness about the physical and psychological benefits of cycling. Cycling is not only a mode of transportation but taking up cycling as a regular activity has various health benefits. This day is celebrated internationally to highlight the importance of cycling as an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Cycling keeps blood pressure levels under control and improves cardiovascular health. Increases leg strength. Cycling daily improves our lung health. Problems like stress, depression and anxiety will be reduced. Clinical studies indicate that cycling has many such benefits.

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