Is this Tamaraichelviya as a family dagger in Bigg Boss..? You have changed yourself in modern clothes..!

Bigg Boss is seen as one of the most famous television shows in the world. This program is being conducted under the names of Big Brother and Big Boss depending on each country.

Especially in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and other languages, this show is being held continuously with respective star actors and is seen as a popular show.

Bigg Boss Show:

Even if most of the contestants who participate in this show don’t know who they are, after coming to this show they earn a huge amount of name and fame and get a chance in the cinema and become stars.

Thamaraichelvi is a street artist and theater artist from Pudukottai who danced and danced in many festivals and streets without being known to the people.

He participated in the Bigg Boss season 5 show which was aired on Vijay TV and attracted people a lot.

Bigg Boss Tamaraichelvi;

It can be said that Ms. Thamarai’s actions, which was in the Bigg Boss program till the end, attracted people a lot, especially her realistic speech in the village appearance also attracted people a lot.

After that show, Thamarai got the opportunity to act in serials and to act on the silver screen.

thamarai selvi bigg boss 3

Lotus if you take advantage of opportunities without leaving them. Bigg Boss followed by Bigg Boss Ultimate, Bigg Boss Couples show, Tamara continued to participate and earned substantial income.

Tamara surprised everyone by acting along with her husband on that show.. And she started acting in the small industry and played a small role in Bharathikannamma serial and captivated the hearts of all the housewives.

thamaraiselvisarathy 2

Tamaraichelvi in ​​Serials:

Currently, Asathi is playing the role of mother to the heroine in Chinna Marumal serial. This role is very perfect for her and the character of the housewives is very appealing.

Especially in that serial, Thamarai became hugely popular for releasing videos as shorts on YouTube sites.

When Tamara came to the Bigg Boss show, she was very upset saying that her husband had separated her and that he had taken her son with her.

But, after this show she became popular and started living with her husband.

thamarai selvi bigg boss

Thamarai, who is living happily with family and children, moved into his hometown Pudukottai last year by building a new house.

Lotus Outdoes Nayanthara in Modern Dress:

Many people took this and congratulated him. In this case, the current information is that Tamarachelvi has gone on a trip abroad with her husband Parthasarathy from the Chennai airport.


Then they posted a photo taken at the airport on social media and caught everyone’s attention.

Seeing Ms. Tamarai in modern clothes for the first time, the netizens gasped saying, “Oh, is this our lotus?”

Not only that, many people are also recording comments that this couple is overtaking Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan.

Also, Tamara posted this photo and captioned it as “One Life One world Explore it” and liked it.

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