It is gratifying to have continued to gain people’s trust

Leader of Opposition Sajith Premadasa congratulated Narendra Modi for his third term as the Prime Minister of India.

The Leader of the Opposition congratulated Narendra Modi, BJP and the National Democratic Alliance for being appointed as the Prime Minister of India three times in a row after serving as the Chief Minister, focusing on the Gujarat region from an ordinary family, with family strength, wealth strength, family strength, relative strength He informed.

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa said this while congratulating Narendra Modi who was elected as the Prime Minister of India for the third time in Parliament today (05).

The Leader of the Opposition here said that it is gratifying that Prime Minister Modi, who has been given the mandate to hold the post of Prime Minister for three terms after Prime Minister Nehru, has continuously won the trust of the people and taken forward the work programs accepted by the people.

As a country Sri Lanka and India should have close friendship. That is why India, the most populous country in the world, has been granted permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council. Looking at the global power centers, India’s permanent representation in the UN Security Council is indeed a better position. The Leader of the Opposition said that we will get the blessing of our Parliament for this.

This is how Prime Minister Modi has been able to gain people’s representation by running a strong election campaign focusing on various states of India. Winning three times in a row is a historic achievement. At a time when India was struggling a few decades ago, when the economy was in decline, many countries in the world are experiencing slow economic growth while implementing people-centric economic reforms and moving forward through inclusive, inclusive economic growth. Even after the Covid situation, he has been able to implement massive economic growth, the Leader of Opposition said.

When economic benefits are shared by all, public confidence also increases. When these benefits are limited to only one segment, regression occurs. So congratulations to Prime Minister Modi who won this time, he further mentioned.

Narendra Modi helped us to carry out the exemplary program during the good governance regime. At a time when our country was in bankruptcy, India as a country provided the most aid and credit assistance. The Leader of the Opposition also expressed his gratitude for this.

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