Jeevi cheated Prakash and lived a luxurious life.. Alimony alone is so many crores..? Bagheer became popular

Singer Chainthavi and music composer GV Prakash are seen as popular star couples in South Indian cinema.

Both of them started falling in love from their childhood days in school and then got married in 2013 in a grand ceremony with the involvement of their parents.

GV Prakash -Chaindavi:

Many celebrities attended their wedding and congratulated the bride and groom. Both of them were at the peak of their careers.

It was a time when GV Prakash was growing up to be a big star music composer, composing for many hit films for various super hit heroes.

Singer Chaindavi was also interested in singing from childhood. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he first started singing in concerts and then got more opportunities in cinema with the help of GV Prakash.

GV Prakash gave Chaindavi a chance in most of the films composed by GV Prakash and identified who Chaindavi was.

Also other films also started looking for opportunities for GV as Prakash’s wife. In this way, Chaindavi took full advantage of the popularity of GV Prakash’s husband.

Chandavi hit by Andar Baldi:

But after a point he started hitting Antar Baldi as if he was giving him torture.

This is seen as the reason for their divorce. When they were seen by fans as the best couple in this married life which was going well, they suddenly announced the news of divorce saying that they are going to live together.

gv prakash saindhavi1 1

They have a four-year-old daughter named Anvi. If there is a child, they may change their decision considering the future of that child.

What is the status of this child now? This is the life of nakshatras, they get married according to their will and then divorce and separate after the second three years.

Even though many netizens criticize that it is their children who are stuck in the middle and suffer, they do not exaggerate it.

Chaindavi who rolled up the property?

In this case, famous journalist Umapathi has openly spoken about the divorce of Chaindavi and GV Prakash.

Especially he is going to bring to light the worst character of Chaindavi. In other words, women like Chaindavi are not worth anything.

Base your growth. It is a very low level idea to base the development of the husband on them and grow up with them and finally like them and not like him from the beginning.

Not only that, but my life is gone, my freedom is gone, they come back and tell me that he will be famous.

If you want freedom, live on your own dime. Don’t use other people’s money.

They marry celebrities and live a life of luxury and finally ditch them.

gv prakash saindhavi2

Not only that, it was unacceptable for them to come out and publicly complain that they were the worst torturers.

The multibillion genomes:

Chaindavi says in several interviews that she was in love with GV Prakash since childhood but after breaking up with him he bought her a lot of money.

They have come with properties according to how many years they have lived with him.

Journalist Umapati has stated that it is not acceptable to lie that he is bullying and torturing her after leaving her

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