An actor who doesn’t let his co-star stare..! The student who broke it..!

Actors who make their debut in cinema as successor actors get a huge amount of opportunities very easily.

They demonstrate their skills. No need for any difficulty. Not only that, but they also become great actors by keeping their identity. Some go the wrong way.

In that way, actor Karthik is the one who played all the games that he did not play keeping in mind that he is a successor actor.

Actor Karthik:

It is worth mentioning that he is the son of Muthuraman, a legendary actor of Tamil cinema. Karthik entered cinema with the identity of his father.

He made his debut as a hero in the 1981 film Alagal Oivathillai which gave him a good introduction and earned him an award and the Tamil Nadu Government Award for Best Debut Actor.

He kept getting more and more film opportunities. He has acted in several hit films including Ninivellam Nithya, Valipame Vaa Vaa, Ilanjodidis, Sukum Yom Nane Palitum Nane to become a star actor in Tamil.

He has also acted in super hit films like Neighboring Rose, Agaya Gangai, Miraculous Births, Duyaram Akhaya Nai, Apoorva Sisters, Nallavanukku Nallavan, Mauna Ragam, Ore Rattam, Padu Nilave.

Hit Movies:

He was also a star actor by acting in various hit films including Rajamariyatha, Agni Nakshatram, En Jeevan Padhu, Aikran Geetham.

He was seen as a popular actor during the 80s. He held the status of such a star actor that none of the actresses who did not act together with him.

Later in the 90s, he acted in many successful films like Ulamathi Allitha, Gokulamathil Sita, Unnadidu Mandei Diedhen, Ananda Parkote.

actor karthik2

Also in the period of 2000, he was seen as a famous actor by acting in various super hit movies with various stars.

His continuous journey started in 1980. Later, in the 90s and 20s, he continued to act in successive hit films.

During the 2010s, Asathi appeared as a character actor and in special appearances. Actor Mike Mohan, who was growing up as a rival to him, later went unrecognized, but actor Karthik started to shine in the cinema with the identity of his father Muthuraman.

Week in case of women:

But it must be said that at some point he misused that identity.

Popular controversial journalist Bailwan Ranganathan revealed a shocking thing in a recent interview about actor Karthi’s comeback.

actor karthik3

Actor Karthi, who had his own fan base in the cinema, especially had a lot of female fans.

Taking advantage of this, Karthik would interact inappropriately with his co-stars. Apart from that, Karthik was rumored to be romantically involved with his co-star Radha.

Famous controversial journalist Bailwan Ranganathan said that Karthik will not let many actresses go unnoticed in the list of one or two actresses he met.

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