Just touch Balayya at this place.. He will not cause any problem.. Nayanthara’s secret was broken by the celebrity..!

You know very well about Balakrishna who is one of the leading actors in Telugu cinema. All his fans affectionately call him Balayya.

He is the sixth son of NT Rama Rao and made his debut as a child star in the movie Dadamma Kala.

It is enough to touch that place.

Actor Balayya studied Bachelor of Commerce from Nizam College, Hyderabad. They married Vasundhara Devi in ​​1982 and have two daughters and a son.

The actor, who is celebrated by Telugu fans, recently caused a huge controversy by pushing away actor Anjali on stage.

The incident has become a talking point on the internet, as there is often a lot of news of various kinds circulating on the internet about the adjustment that is already taking place in the screen world.

After this, many people in the media have given various criticisms and condemnations.

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Apart from that, many people are talking about controversial things on Baliya. In that way, what Lady Superstar Nayanthara has shared about Balakrishna who can cross the line with actresses is spreading like wild fire.

He will not cause any problem..

Actress Nayanthara has acted in four films with actor Balakrishna. Famous journalist Anthanan has said that there were no problems or embarrassments when he acted with Balakrishna.

Wouldn’t you be curious to know what kind of trick they used to escape from his torser?

Nayanthara broke the secret..

While talking about this in an interview with Cine Ulmaga, actress Nayanthara has acted in four films with Balakrishna.

bala krishna 2

At that time such trivial work never happened to Nayan. You will be shocked when you understand what is the reason for this.

And as far as Baliya is concerned, he is always in the mindset of respecting himself, so if he falls on his feet and bows down on the set while acting with him, then it will all be over.

After this, he will not cause any torture to the actress. And it is trending to say that no matter who the actress is, the actress can act in the film with peace of mind.

bala krishna 4

After this, all the fans have become a talking point and they are sharing with their friends and symbolically telling them which tips can be used by the actresses who can act in Balakrishna’s film.

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