DMK Alliance sectarian forces have no place in Tamil Nadu: Vaiko Perumidham!

On behalf of the DMK, Vaiko congratulated all the members of parliament who won the DMK alliance.

The DMK alliance has won all 40 constituencies contested in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Madhyamik was allotted Trichy constituency in DMK alliance. Vaiko’s son Durai Vaiko contested and got 5 lakh 42 thousand 213 votes.

In this situation, in a statement released by Madhyamik General Secretary Vaiko, “In the recently held 18th Lok Sabha elections, the people of India have upheld democracy. People have taught a lesson to the BJP, which was run by a fascist government for ten years. This election has shown what people power is to those who used sectarianism in their election campaigns to inflate their arrogance and power that they will win more than 400 seats.

the same country; same language; One religion; Those who tried to maintain a single Hindu nationalism as a single culture have been dealt a blow in the 18th Lok Sabha elections.

The India Alliance, which stood against the dictatorial rule of the BJP, has won the trust of the Indian people and achieved great success.

People have voted in this election against the ten-year rule of Narendra Modi. Therefore, Modi has lost his moral right to continue as Prime Minister.

BJP in India where democracy is flourishing. There is hope that the efforts of the Indian coalition leaders to oust the Indian-led regime will succeed.

The India alliance led by General M.K.Stalin, who is running the Dravidian model of governance in Tamil Nadu, won all 40 constituencies as he declared, and this election has convinced the country that Tamil Nadu is a Dravidian land.

The people of Tamil Nadu have once again decided through the parliamentary elections that there is no place for the Hindu fanatic fascist forces in Tamil Nadu.

DMK On behalf of Revival Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, I congratulate all the Members of Parliament who have won in the coalition led by them.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the energetic ministers, district secretaries, assembly members, pioneers, administrators of alliance parties, volunteers and voters who worked hard to win the Tiruchirappalli constituency contested by the Revival Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam by a margin of three lakh 13 thousand votes.

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