Lotus blossomed in Kerala for the first time in history… BJP candidate Suresh Gopi won…

For the first time in the history of India, the lotus blossomed in Kerala.

சுரேஷ் கோபி மெயின் நியூ

Actor and candidate Suresh Gopi, who contested on behalf of the BJP in Thrissur, which is seen as the most important constituency in Kerala, was announced as the winner. Only Communist and Congress parties have alternately won in Thrissur constituency so far. The BJP has never been able to enter the Thrissur constituency. It is a history that BJP has not won even once in all 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala apart from Thrissur.

சுரேஷ் கோபி மெயிின்

But today BJP entered the fort of Kerala with Suresh Gopi. The BJP got success by fielding actor Suresh Gopi, who has a lot of popular influence, and engaged in intense lobbying. Suresh Gopi won by a margin of 69,000 votes defeating Muralitharan who contested from the Congress and Sunil Kumar who contested from the Communist Party.
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