Look.. How perusal you are.. Your body is sick.. Kritika Annamalai opened her mouth about divorce..!

The serials aired on the small screen are now getting a huge response not only from family women but also among male fans. There is no need to tell you about the serial actress Krithika Annamalai.

She is one of the famous actresses who showed her excellent performance in serials. In a recent interview, he spoke about his personal life, which is famous among people.

Actress Krithika Annamalai..

Actress Krithika Annamalai has carved a niche for herself among housewives with the serial Metti Oli on Sun TV. Apart from this serial, he has played the role of Willy in many serials.

Generally women who hold huge positions in various fields do not have a good married life. In a recent interview, actress Krithika Annamalai has clearly stated why she got divorced.

Krithika Annamalai 2

You can read a detailed description of it in this post.

How wonderful to be..

I got an opportunity to act in a serial aired on Sun TV while he was speaking in this interview. At that time my weight was 83 kg.

And it should be like this as she is supposed to play the role of sister in that serial. The director told me not to lose any weight for this.

However, my husband looked at my body and started fighting about my body weight, saying, “Look at my body, how should I look?”

Krithika Annamalai 3

After this, I was so tolerant that at some point I couldn’t bear it, and then there was a huge fight between the two. And as word of mouth began to spread matters took a different turn.

Kritika opens up about divorce..

Krithika Annamalai has opened up about her divorce and shared the truth that it was at this point that both of them mutually decided to separate.

All the fans who have heard about this matter, how is it possible for him to act as Willy in the serials? Was your division based on looks? They have heard that pitifully.

In these times, they are secretly talking about Krithika’s husband, who foolishly made fun of his wife and created a situation where they could live separately.

Krithika Annamalai 6

After this, this matter is spreading virally on the internet and many people are speaking in support of Krithika Annamalai.

This will further motivate him and create an atmosphere where he can work creatively in some more serials.

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