‘Maharaja’ movie promotion going on vigorously….Vijay Sethupathi forced the film crew!

Actor Vijay Sethupathi is a rising star in Tamil cinema. He is a hero and a villain who has impressed the fans. Currently, he has films like Train, Ace, Vithuthya 2 in his hands.'Maharaja' film promotion going on vigorously.....Vijay Sethupathi forced the film crew! Meanwhile, Vijay Sethupathi has acted in his fiftieth film Maharaja. The movie is directed by Kurangu Pomi director Nithilan Saminathan and produced by Fashion Studios. Bharathiraja, Anurag Kashyap, Mamata Mohandas, Natti Nataraj, Abhirami have acted in this along with Vijay Sethupathi. The trailer of the film was released recently and it has increased the expectations for the film. Subsequently, it has been announced that this film will release on June 14th. In this case, the promotion work of this film is going on very intensively. Accordingly, the poster of the film Maharaja was screened at Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Many people gathered to see this. 'Maharaja' movie promotion going on vigorously.....Vijay Sethupathi forced the film crew!But there is a new update in this regard. It means that the Maharaja poster was screened at Dubai Burj Khalifa only because of Vijay Sethupathi’s insistence. Because this is Vijay Sethupathi’s fiftieth film, he said that he would be proud if the film’s poster was screened in the tallest building in the world like Burj Khalifa. Apart from that, 75 lakhs has been spent for just three minutes of screening in that building. Many people who know this information put their finger on their nose and are surprised.

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