Mahindra testing XUV 700 facelift and BE.05 models.. What to expect?

Mahindra XUV 700 Facelift: What to Expect

Mahindra XUV 700 Facelift: What to Expect

The Mahindra 7XO (Mahindra 700 Facelift) model is expected to get a complete facelift. The front grille, headlamps and bumper are to be redesigned. It is also expected to get new DRL (Daytime Running Light). There won’t be any major changes on the side. Only new alloy wheels can be supplied.

Like the front, the rear gets a redesigned tailgate, tail light and rear bumpers. On the inside, Mahindra is also expected to get a new steering wheel and a new type of logo. Expect minor changes to the dashboard.

Some new features are also expected to be added to the Mahindra 7XO model. Along with this 7XO fuel facelift model, Mahindra will also launch an electric car (XUV.e8) based on the all-new XUV 700. We can expect these models in India by the end of this year or early next year.

Mahindra BE.05:

Mahindra BE.05:

Mahindra is going to use the BE name for the models that will be built exclusively as an electric car. The BE.05 model, which will be released as the first car, is built on the new INGLO platform by the company. The BE.05 electric car has a sharp body and design with a futuristic look that befits an electric car.

The interior of the car is also expected to get improved amenities. The electric car is expected to offer a new Mahindra experience with a floating dashboard, all-new center console, unique steering wheel with illuminated Mahindra logo on it.

No information about the electric motor and battery to be used in this BE.05 electric car model has been released yet. Mahindra keeps all information confidential. However, this electric car only seems to have a range of up to 500 km. Mahindra will launch this electric car in India next year.

Mahindra’s plan in India: 16 new SUVs

Mahindra's plan in India: 16 new SUVs

Mahindra plans to launch 16 SUV models in India by 2030. This includes 9 fuel SUVs and 7 electric SUVs. Out of these 9 petrol models, three facelift models including XUV 3XO and XUV 7XO. Mahindra has also announced that there will be 6 all-new models. A new SUV is Mahindra’s plan for a few months.

The most awaited among these fuel SUVs is the Tar 5 door model. While its rival Force Gurkha already got a 5-door model, the Dhar will soon get the update as well. Mahindra is also planning to rebrand this Thar 5-door model as Thar Armada.

mahindra Electric Cars:

Mahindra Electric Cars:

Of the 7 electric cars announced by Mahindra, three are already testing on Indian roads. XUV.e8, XUV.e9 Coupe and BE.05. We are going to see the releases of these successively in India. Apart from these, Mahindra is also going to develop a new electric car based on Thar, the best-selling off-road SUV in India.

Mahindra has informed that these electric cars will use 60-80kWh battery. The battery will also get fast charging capability of up to 175kW. Mahindra electric car batteries can be charged up to 80% in 30 minutes. Mahindra claims that these batteries will give a range of 435 km to 500 km depending on the car used.

In electric cars as well, the company is going to give rear wheel drive and all wheel drive options depending on the specific model. The all-wheel drive option is expected to be offered on the expensive variants and the rear-wheel drive option on the entry-level variants.

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