This thing in Nithya Menon’s body.. The reason for not getting married.. Famous actor Bagheer..!

Hailing from Bengaluru, Karnataka, actress Nithya Menon is seen as a popular South Indian actress, acting in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu language films.

Heroine is very thin looking and attractive beauty. But actress Nithya Menon is an exception to this.

Actress Nithya Menon:

She is seen as an actress who has won the hearts of her fans by showing off her best performance with a plump look and showing off her talent as an actress.

How much of his story is in each movie? Knowing the importance of his story, he acted and was seen as a celebrity.

Many people are praising him as this is his acting ability. Earlier I had no desire to act as an actress in films.

He has said in many interviews that his biggest ambition is to become a journalist.

Tamil Movies:

Meanwhile, he got an opportunity to act in films, so he made his debut in Tamil by acting in the film 180.

She is seen as a famous actress after acting in films like Ella Vembam, Urumi, O Kaadhal Kanmani, Mersal, Irumugan, Psycho, Thiruchirtambalam.

Especially Nithya Menon who acted opposite Raghava Lawrence in the movie Kanchana 2 is very famous.

After that, the movie Psycho gave him a huge hit. His acting in that movie, that one scene where he was angry and bad-mouthing his mother, caught everyone’s attention.

nithya menon2

Body shaming:

Meanwhile, Nithya Menon grabbed everyone’s attention by playing the role of Dhanush’s friend and girlfriend in the movie Thiruchirtambalam.

The 36-year-old Nithiya Menon, despite his chubby appearance, is unconcerned about it and continues to focus on his acting.

She has said in interviews that if I get film opportunities, I will give her a good role, otherwise I have no worries about obesity or body shaming.

A hindrance to marriage is:

This is the reason why Nithya Menon is still not married until she is almost 40 years old, said the famous controversial journalist Bailwan Ranganathan in an interview.


nithya menon 1

In that interview he said that there are two reasons why actress Nithya Menon is not married.

First of all, dowry violence is high in Kerala. Due to this, many celebrities commit suicide after getting married.

It is because of fear of this that Nithya Menon is avoiding marriage and another reason is that actresses try to keep their bodies slim.

But not so with Nithya Menon. Athlete Ranganathan says that marriage is an obstacle because of his overweight body.

This interview of his has made Nithya Menon’s fans very angry. Also, they are scolding Bailwan Ranganathan that you keep your nose in other people’s personal life as your job.

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