Modi becomes famous in Raval Daya – DMK review

Prime Minister Modi is the prime minister overnight, that people of India did not vote for Modi to rule DMK Murasoli, the official daily of – has reviewed.

Murasolil daily wrote in an editorial about this: “Modi asked for a vote by asking God. When it was not valid, he claimed himself as God. As of today, he has become the Prime Minister only with the help of Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar.

Prime Minister Modi said in Parliament last February that we will capture 400 seats. The BJP members applauded. BJP won 370 seats. Prime Minister Modi also said that he will seize it alone. BJP knocked the table. But what has happened?

BJP 370 seats were not secured. It has secured 240 seats. 272 seats are required to prove majority. 32 seats are required for that. He said he would get 100 seats more than the 272 required to prove majority. But the BJP is in the dark. We see with our eyes what has come down.

BJP Modi said the alliance will win 400 seats. Today BJP The alliance managed to capture only 292 seats. Couldn’t even touch 300. What he said as an alliance has become a reality.

Modi should be held responsible for such decline and failure. Because he wanted to show this election victory as his ‘personal victory’. When it was lost, all these failures were his personal failures!

It was announced that the election for him would be held in seven phases. He is the one who went to the whole of India, to all the states and to all the constituencies by himself – and spoke – and attracted the people – and said, ‘I am going to make myself 400’. So all these failures are due to him.

He was given the chance to be Prime Minister for ten years. He was Prime Minister not once but twice. None of the promises made were fulfilled. Nothing new is being done. In his thinking the ‘country’ was removed and only a few people sat down. He did not rule for ‘India’. He ruled for a handful of Indians who could count on fingers. Finally at election time he sowed hatred. He only sowed hatred. ‘If you sow millet, you can reap millet. The hatred he sowed became a hatred for him, according to the saying, “Whatever you sow, you can reap.”

The Prime Minister who only read aloud during the first phase of election campaigning Narendra Modi picked up his old style from the second phase election campaign: ‘They will take your property and give it to a Muslim’, ‘The Muslim is a foreigner’, ‘Those who have more children’, ‘They will take your jewelery and give it to them’, ‘They will take away your thali’, Every day, Modi uttered panicked statements like ‘If you have two buffaloes, they will take away one of them’, ‘Scheduled, tribal and backward reservation will be given to Muslims’, ‘Pakistan will be happy if Congress wins’.

No one ever had a more sinister idea than saying ‘Iram will demolish the temple itself’. No other Indian political figure has ever made such a disgusting speech as he gave an example of an obscene record dance. The reason why Modi expresses hatred, abomination and brutality in his speeches day by day is because of the anger and rage that his campaign did not get any kind of support among the public.

With the tens of crores of money raised through election bonds — conducting raids on the opposition parties through the Enforcement Department and the Income Tax Department — taking all the major media into their hands — freezing the main opposition Congress party’s bank account — breaking up several parties — arresting two state chief ministers — Modi has bagged 240 seats, keeping all the lobbying facilities to himself — and then floundering.

He should have given 300 seats to BJP if people wanted him to rule for a third time. People voted that Modi should not come back and rule. That’s why even BJP won majority seats. could not get

If the parliamentary elections had not been held along with the two assembly elections in Orissa-Andhra Pradesh, the situation would have changed there too. The anger of those who wanted to change the state government has echoed in the parliamentary elections as well. If ten seats were reduced in Bihar-Karnataka, the situation would have changed. BJP for 210 will descend. So, it is only ‘circumstance’ seats and not ‘merit’ seats.

People of India did not vote for Modi to rule. Even now, the situation has only given place for him to be Prime Minister on a nightly basis. Let all this be to one side. Our request is to rule for ‘India’ henceforth.

‘I will do it for 400’ and ‘I will do it for 370’ is enough. Fulfill the daily needs of Indian people. Create a tear and worry free India. that is enough!” Murasoli newspaper has written that.

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