Chennai Coovam river born dawn! Tamilnadu government has allocated 50 crore funds and issued an ordinance!

Chennai Coovam river born dawn Tamilnadu government has allocated 50

Chennai Koovam River:

The Tamil Nadu government has earmarked Rs 50 crore to prevent mixing of sewage at 23 places in the Koovam river in Chennai. Further, the work will be carried out through the Chennai River Trust fund, according to the order issued by the Tamil Nadu government.

Koovam River is the most important of the three rivers that flow in Chennai. Once upon a time, fishing and boat races took place in the crystal clear waters that flowed in the Couva.

Contaminated gooey:

Today, Chennai has become a polluted river due to population growth and countless industrial wastes.

This river runs for a total of 72 kilometers, 18 kilometers within the city, 40 kilometers in the suburbs, and merges into the sea.

The river that saved Chennai in Tsunami:

During the tsunami of December 2004, the river acted as a drain and Chennai city escaped much unscathed. Also, during the tsunami, the estuary of the Koovam river was cleared of pollution and the water ran as clear as glass for three days. But within a few weeks the contamination returned to its old state.

50 crore to prevent sewage mixing:

Change of regimes could not change the status of Koovam river till date. No matter what steps are taken by the governments coming to power, the Koovam river continues to be heavily polluted due to the ever-increasing population growth and industrial waste.

Tamil Nadu Government Ordinance Release:

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu government headed by the DMK has issued a government order allocating Rs 50 crore to prevent mixing of sewage at 28 places in Chennai’s Koovam river. It has also been mentioned that these works will be carried out through the Chennai Water Trust Fund.

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