I am actually in a relationship with a boy now.. Information released by Anjali..!

Actress Anjali is one of the famous actors and actresses in Tamil cinema. Generally it is said that obese actresses and black actresses do not get welcome in Tamil cinema, but actress Anjali has received acceptance in Tamil cinema despite both of them.

But he could not get acceptance in Tamil cinema keeping only that. Anjali became white after undergoing many treatments. You can see that Anjali is black when seen in the early movies like Kattadu Tamil, Angadi Teru.

For cinema Changed Tribute:

But after that he can be seen as white in the lively type of movies. Weight was a big problem for Anjali, who turned white. After that he was denied opportunities due to his weight.

It has to be said that even though she acted attractive, fans did not like her because of her obesity. Following this, Anjali has recently lost weight and started looking more beautiful than before.

In this situation, he himself had spoken about Anjali’s marriage in an interview, in which Anjali had said that the media is more interested in getting me married than my parents.

In Telugu Opportunity:

So far I have been married four times in the media. But so far I haven’t fallen in love with anyone. But I am going to marry him. Love him. I broke up with someone else.

anjali 1 2

There are many reports saying that I was in a living relationship with another person. At first my family was a bit shocked when they heard all these news.

continuously marriage Controversy:

But gradually they realized that it was all a lie and now even if I bring a boy and tell them that I am in a relationship with him in our house, they will not believe it.

At first all these gossips seemed bad to me but gradually I got used to them. With this, the attention of the fans is on me. Anjali says that they say that only a dead tree can be stoned and I will take this as a positive thing.

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