The crescent appeared; June 17 is Hajj Festival in Sri Lanka

Dul Hajj lunar eclipse was seen today (07) in some parts of the country.

Accordingly, the upcoming 17th June, the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hajj in the Islamic year 1445 Hijri (crescent 10), has been declared as the day of Hajj.

The decision was taken today (07) at the Crescent Viewing Conference held at the Great Mosque of Colombo.

Colombo Periya Palliwasal, Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, All Sri Lankan Jammiyyatul Ulama Council Committee jointly issued this report unanimously.

The monthly meeting to determine the head crescent was attended by the members of the Colombo Grand Mosque Crescent Committee, the administrators of the Grand Mosque, Sri Lankan Waqbu Sabha, Muslim Religious Culture Department officials, All Sri Lankan Jamiatul Ulama and its Crescent Committee members, Memon, Hanabi Mosque representatives, Sri Lanka Meteorological Department officials participated.

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